Amrec's consultants have a track record of finding excellent vacancies for candidates with exceptional skills within the IT and Engineering sectors. By sending us your CV, you are guaranteed expert industry knowledge, insight and advice. We will approach relevant companies on your behalf to identify the best job openings, suited to your preffered location and other requirements.

Our support extends far beyond matching applicants with vacancies and submitting a CV. Our job is to ensure that the client has a full understanding of what you will bring to the job before making any decision and we do this by actively communicating to them not only your technical skills, but also your personal attributes, your self-belief, your motivations and your aspirations.

We always encourage working with an Amrec consultant on an exclusive basis. Your skills are niche and you need an expert, dedicated consultant who understands your sector and won’t send your CV to irrelevant vacancies or organise time-wasting interviews. Our experience has taught us that working with technical specialists really does help in taking away some of the stress of job hunting.

Register your CV to gain access to our extensive network of clients and exclusive jobs. We don't just find jobs, we help build careers.

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