All recruitment consultants have access to advertisements and relevant CV databases. Why then are there so many technical vacancies left unfilled?

From Amrec's experience this is because the best candidates are only passively looking for work, or not even looking at all, and so will not be recruited through the conventional routes.

At Amrec we make it our business to develop a long-term relationship with potential candidates so that we understand their aspirations and can help them find their next job. This means that the short-list of applicants you receive from us will include not only the best of those currently in the job market but also candidates exclusive to us, who trust Amrec to help them develop their career path.

Amrec appreciate the daily challenges of managing an R&D team or a Network Operations Centre. We know how precious your time is, designs can be behind schedule and customer networks can go down. Therefore contact from Amrec must be relevant and specific, so trust us to take the stress out of searching for specialist candidates.

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